A Warm Welcome to Lev

Hi, welcome to Lev!!

When you are reading this, Lev has finally gone live! It took some time and creativity to set everything up as I want it, both in concept and visual presentation, but Lev is here.

The last couple months, basically right after finishing my medical degree in October 2018, I have spent a lot of time thinking of where I want to go in life, including my professional career. I love being a doctor, and I love working within psychiatry, but somehow, I wanted more than that. Lev developed from a vague idea from myself and suggestions from a couple of my close friends, why I wouldn’t set up my own business? Considering both my professional background and general interests, it made sense that I would have to do ‘something’ with mental health. And from that idea I eventually came into the field of life coaching. I love life coaching because it so well makes it able to promote positive psychology, mindfulness and mental balance without it having to become spiritual or vague.

I believe it is crucially important to shift our attention from focusing mainly or even solely on physical health and start to give more attention to mental health. Everyone knows about psychology and psychiatry and hopefully also to seek for professional help when really needed. But Mental Health is no defined through the occurrence of a disorder: it is specifically defined through the non-occurrence:

Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community. – World Health Organization [source]

Mind and body have a complex interrelation: physical well-being influences mental well-being, but for sure also the other way around. Just as problems with bodily functions, mental disorders also impair a person’s ability to function as wanted or expected.

With Lev I ultimately hope to contribute to the incorporation of mental wellbeing within our perspective on being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Through the ‘Life Coaching’ section there is more to read on individual sessions, on the ‘blog’ there will be opinion, lifestyle and mental health basic posts for everyone to read. If you want to get to know just a bit more about either Lev or myself, please check out the about section. And for more (visual) content, follow the Lev Life also on Facebook or Instagram.

Please feel more than welcome to follow along and to reach out to Lev at any time.

With love,