Welcome to Lev לב

Do you sometimes feel like you’re stuck or lost? Do you have difficulties defining your goals and setting priorities to achieve them? Do you want to overcome obstacles, fears and insecurities? Do you have set beliefs or behaviours that are holding you back? Or do you want to improve your self-image and gain more confidence?

These are just some examples of why life coaching could be ideal for you.
Why wait until tomorrow if you can change your life today?


My name is Janne, a Dutch-graduated MD with a passion for mental health and personal growth. In 2019 I moved to Israel, and started the LevLife in addition to clinical academic research on the influence of PTSD on daily life function.

With Lev, I offer focused, short-term coaching services, completely individualised on your needs to break through repetitive behaviours, achieve a positive and balanced mindset, and help you focus on achieving specific goals. Looking very much forward to hearing from you, and to start working together on realising your dreams.